Monday, December 14, 2015

My Anti-rant Rant

I regularly watch the morning news shows, both local and national. They get me motivated and moving. One thing I've noticed, they label a happening as "breaking news". Many times, it's the same story the night news person described, edited to sound different. To be "New, Over Night" shouldn't there be a noticeable additional fact? Some additional detail, not previous information rephrased?

Any topic I choose has a version. The weather forecaster makes the perfect weather an impassioned headline. Foodies describe every recipe as divine mouthwatering fare. A home improvement project is the cheapest, easiest remodel satisfying my home's need.

My sad-looking loved dog, Rambo
Charities widely post pictures of their moving needy plights. The saddest animals, children, and plants highlight lengthy commercial breaks. The ads, themselves, commonly rousing product buzz. 

I won't even go into politics, religion or sex.

These overwhelming superlatives tire my thinking, numbing it. To appreciate subtle beauty requires more conscious effort for me. Today it's called, "mindfulness". (That's an unjudgemental sensibility or regard for subtle details and routine ritual.) While it has ancient beginnings, it's a popular movement. Senior's have noticed.   

My point is not to promote a widening movement. It is a plea for solitude in media presentations. Space to allow my brain to catch up, to fully take in information and incidents. Not everything is worth a superlative. Calm and simple are beneficial, too.

What are your ways to calm? I invite you to leave a comment about one way you reduce bluster and bombast, whenever you come upon this post. It will be beneficial to me and to more.