Thursday, December 10, 2015

Playgrounds for Active Seniors

Are playgrounds fun? They are for kids. What about for us Boomers? With child care one of my common activities, before Charlotte and Ben started school, having a playground where I could play too would have been oodles of fun. 
That's what Terry Turner reported July 15th this year in the Good News Network. Apparently it's happening all over Spain.

The activities seem to be similar to those I've seen on my park visits as a Granny Nanny. Things to move the upper and lower body, but at a height more for an adult. It would get me off the bench and away from my book/phone. At least provide the option, probably encouraged by a Grandkid.
Perhaps other Boomers would enjoy the activities and group activities could be shared. Teams or challenges. I picture picnics with prizes for competition winners. Who knows all the possibilities? Delightful fun in the outdoors.