Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Why Elderly in the SCA Continue the Joy of Participation

Why do I continue to drive hours to attend events like last weekend's Kris Kinder? What's the magnet and appeal for a Golden-ager, like me?  

For over 20 years, I've loved the SCA for encouraging wholehearted knowledge and skill improvement. You saw this in the quality hand crafted stores for sale at the event. Carved wood, needlework, weaving, clothing, and pottery, to name a few. That couldn't be the attraction, as I have acquired and made many of these since I joined in 1991. 

The SCA is attractive for its fun and spirit. It is a place where, no matter your age, size, shape, gender or color you can wear a coronet, hat or wreath in your hair and feel beautiful. You can flirt and tease the guys your son's age because it amuses you.

Or, if you choose, a woman can put on armor and do combat with large, sweaty men. You train with champions. You compete. You feel pride in your prowess.

For guys, it's a place the nerdy (who are most of us) train, wear armor, compete and feel like warriors. Important, superior. Where bragging-rites are expected and made into songs.

The SCA, especially Calontir, is a place of kindness and acceptance, that respects you for being you. More than once, at Kris Kinder court, I saw a first-row seat forfeited so that someone less capable would not have to do auditorium steps. I noticed assistance to stand readily offered a crony, after sitting on the floor during a presentation.

The SCA strives for medieval ambiance, omitting things like the plaque. Even so, you don't notice glasses on faces. Your mind somehow factors them out. With the graying of the Society, there are more things to mentally gloss over, like mobility scooters and walkers.

It feels good to escape to where you are accepted, feel beautiful, and strong. A form of magic moment in which you are young again, if only at heart. Why wouldn't you return to it as often as possible to experience the joy? 


What is your "participation joy", within or without the SCA? Please, share one in the comments.