Saturday, December 19, 2015

What Do You Do When The Power Is Out All Day?

The power has been out here since before I got up today. Seven hours now, making me think about cold concerns.

I've learned, or relearned, some things, besides not liking cold.
  • Electronic devices that connect wirelessly to my internet service provider are a blessing when the power is out. I was able to see my local power department's website on my cell phone. Their map showed where the outage was. (Yes, it included a large area around my home.) Even so, I used their online form to tell them I was without power, too.
  • I used a lot of power playing on my phone since I didn't have a working TV. I was lucky I had well-charged devices and portable chargers. I just filled them yesterday. (Note to self to check my cell phone service data plan, so I don't go over my limit without requesting more.) I also have lots of flashlights too, but I sure missed my hot tea. I think I will get some Sterno cans like buffets and campers use. Then I can have hot beverages and soup if this happens again.
  • Not having power forces you to do things differently. I wrote some things by hand. My few Christmas cards, I should have mailed last week. (This may make them Happy New Year cards, instead. At least, now they will be mailed.) Brainstormed ideas for future blog posts. Eventually, I remembered my laptop computer had a battery. I could use the word processor to write a blog post.
  • My lengthy annoyance made me wonder, “What if I were in a situation causing this often?” Not homelessness. More like frequent power outages.”How does the cold affect the elderly? In my solitude, I looked that up on my phone, too.
  • I learned, the elderly “feel” cold easier or more dramatically, due to medical conditions like hypothyroidism, arthritis, diabetes, or poor circulation. And that's before a frigid environment. So a long period of cold makes these problems worse. Elderly are affected by hypothermia easier and to a greater degree. Since I have low thyroid and very cold feet and hands, I used that as an excuse to go back to bed. (I already was dressed in layers.)

I joked by text with my daughter, so she knew the situation. She offered help, saying I should come over there, but I didn't want to leave the dogs. They were dealing with the cold too. Didn't need to have their alpha gone as well. Poor pups. At least, they don't agonize over being cold and bored.

Oh, great!! The power just came back on! Now I can transfer this post to Blogger. I hope you enjoy it.