Monday, January 4, 2016

How Do You Find the New Old Age?

I recently heard about the “New Old Age”. It busts the myth that life after work has little purpose. With 100 fast becoming the new normal lifespan, what do you do to stay engaged? To have fun? What do you do if you live alone?
I don't want to follow in Mom and Dad's footsteps. They had it great living in a Senior Community. They had swimming, restaurants, and craft shops right there for them. It could have been heaven. Instead, they didn't get out and use them. 
My Mom's sister, just 18 months younger, was a myth buster. She lived in her own home, cooked her own meals, volunteered at her church, ate out regularly with friends. She lived well into her 90s. She's my role model. 
Elderly couple seated at a food court table talking on cell phones
Out To The Mall, Still Connected
My Aunt showed the key is a personal, zestful vision and practiced it. Good health and enough money, as ads blare constantly, are helpful, but not all. A Stephen Hawking attitude toward life is more important than an athletic body. 

Zestful and meaningful activities provide fun and fulfillment. Here are a few activity adventures I may try.
  • The Red Hat Society of women seeking “fun and friendship after fifty”, is one possibility. You often see groups of these ladies, with their fun red hats, at restaurants. As I travel, I've seen them at Interstate truck stops and tourist sites, too.
  • I might try learning something completely new. The SCA is into learning about anything prior to 1600. But there are tons to learn after the modern era began. Learning new skills and hobbies is fun and brain expanding. I've found several ways to do that cheaply on-line, but the community center and library, even some book and hobby stores, have gatherings or meet-ups. You get out of the house and spend time with others. 
  • I like traveling, especially with friends or groups. I also camp every summer. I know many that have an RV and get away in the winter. Another friend has a second home in Arizona. But that would mean being away from my Grandkids, Ben and Charlotte.
  • Several Seniors Pledge Responsibility as Volunteer Trustees
    Taking  Volunteer Responsibility
    Volunteering gives pleasure through something you like doing. My neighbor gives one day a week each to two different local organizations, the humane society, and the children's hospital. (That's besides all her traveling!) I'm not sure I want to be that busy.
  • A part-time or temporary job is also a way to stay connected. My lawn "boy" is over 75. He says he loves the work and the way things look when he's done. He just has two yards he does, mine and my adjoining neighbor's yard.
I plan to continue the previous activities I enjoy, especially the SCA. To find life's zest following the yellow brick road to the New Old Age. I want that vibrant old age for me. 

What do you do for fun? I don't know all the possibilities. 

Whenever you come upon this post, feel free to comment with another activity for me to try.