Monday, January 11, 2016

The Ultimate Restaurant Food Group Hall: Flagship Commons

After my Tai Chi class this morning, I explored the indoor mall's new restaurant group food hall, the Flagship Commons. It opened a week ago, January 5th. 

They mailed me a $5 discount gift card. It was burning a big hole in my pocket. 

Flagship Commons Mall Entrance
Flagship Commons Mall Corridor Entrance
This is the inside Flagship Commons mall entrance. The low dividers you see serve as plate rests for future large crowds. Perhaps an opening movie night, since the AMC theaters are just to the left.
Flagship Commons Bar
Bar with Counter and Electrical Outlets

Near the mall corridor, just outside of Yonkers Department Store, is a full-service bar and an Aroma Coffeehouse station. Both have electrical outlets under their counters, encouraging long stays. A great place to wait for straggling shoppers. Or maybe a movie, light meal and drink date place.

What about entertaining children? Child-centered activities are at the mall's opposite end. It features a kid's play area and Scooters Coffee place. A Caines Chicken restaurant is coming there soon.

People lined up to buy at Juan Tacos
Juan Tacos and Customers

The Flagship Restaurant Group envisioned the fast casual restaurant commons, with eight food stations lining the outside. The showy Juan taco station is quite the eye catcher.

Flagship Commons Small Stage
Small Stage

A small stage provides entertainers or speakers elevation. In the future, you'll see singers, politicians and musicians making far fetched sounds to all who surround.

I spent my gift card plus $1.34 on a yummy Boomer pizza slice and fountain drink from Weirdough Pizza. A hefty slice, zingy, and garlicky. The fresh spinach with olive oil puzzled me, so I brushed it off with my fork and ate it like a side salad.

A well-conceived place, with seating variety: high counters and chairs, lounge chairs around a TV, booths and tables with chairs.   

Flagship Commons Table and Chair Seating with Customers
Flagship Commons Table and Chair Seating

All ages and capabilities will enjoy this space in different ways. I predict it will be a big draw and an upgrade for the mall. Bravo!!