Saturday, January 2, 2016

What You Do When Your Blogging Laptop Stops?

I love blogging and the weather is predicted to be a blizzard. Might get snowed in. Then my laptop's fan stops working. 

Sure, given enough time the family tech support guy could fix it. With the holidays and his backlog, it would take months. I haven't been happy with it, since I got it. Plus, the Windows 10 upgrade is a disappointing. 

The impending, predicted storm and recent day-long power outage (You can read about that here.) made me wonder. I briefly researched "best laptops". Found another excuse, to get one now. Looked up how late Nebraska Furniture Mart was open. Who would have thought, they close at 6:00 pm? I have less than an hour. Ouch! No thinking time. I left within minutes. 

Yes, I bought a new laptop. Touch-screen, 8 Gig of storage, Windows 10, Bluetooth, and a DVD player. (The last one didn't have that.) With $80 off, it came to the ballpark of $500. A Toshiba Satellite L55DT. I am ecstatic!

I'm never confident purchasing a new computer, but I did make one good choice. The Mart now sells you their own virus protection/repair service warranty. The computer has free virus protection installed, for a month. I have breathing room. I can make the virus purchase decision purchase later. I've never had computer issues previously. And, this one happened after the computer was way over 2 years old. I didn't buy it.

Days later, I am still happy with the Toshiba and installed Windows 10. I will never upgrade an operating system again. I'll make do or buy new. 

With the old laptop running in safe mode, I transferred numerous files and photos. A time-consuming process. Photos were not well organized in the old computer. I couldn't find some I knew I had. Between the Bluetooth and a flash-drive, I got them and my documents over. 

The Toshiba Windows Photos program is wonderful. It pulls together photos so you know if you have duplicates and delete what you don't want. It's a little harder to recognize them the farther apart they are dated, but doable. I was able to remove the extras and some lurking originals of cropped images. So, I think I am caught up now and better organized. 

The blizzard arrived later and lighter than predicted. The power stayed on. Still, I wouldn't have wanted to venture out these last two days. This has been another learning experience and stimulation for the old brain cells.