Tuesday, April 5, 2016

"Playing With Period Pigments Class" Taught

Gave my "Playing With Period Pigments" class last Saturday, a few days ago, at the annual Bellewode Heraldry, Scribal and Dance Symposium. 

Fun class. Easy to teach. Largest one I've taught.

Students Making Paint From Powdered Pigments

I was, however, thrown a curve ball by the scheduler. I was assigned a room with desks not tables. 

I prefer tables for safety. I cover them with a washable cloth. When the class is over I carefully fold the cloth with all edges to the middle and take it home and wash. 

This controls toxic powder spread. 

While I don't use toxic pigments in class it is important to build, follow and teach good habits. Just in case I ever teach a more advanced class that uses toxic powders.

Cindy Wilson's Photo Of Me and My Class

After some thought and help from friends, desks were moved so each student had two to use. One of the pair covered with paper towels to control pigment spread. The second for writing journal notes. 

We also arranged two groups of four so students could view and talk about their efforts.

While not my ideal set up, it worked. Students made it through all 8 colors, shared results, and took their finished paints with them to use later. 

Cindy's Photo Of Colors Used (left column)
Student Working With Pigments

Cindy Caught Students' Concentration

Here's my Google Doc's "Playing With Period Pigments" handout. And my journal page.

Making paint from powdered pigments is easy. This class lets you play without an investment. You learn techniques and the feel of eight different colors. It may be your first step in a new direction.