Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Omaha's Henry Doorley Zoo Senior Day

Monday Montclair Senior Center members took a field trip to Omaha's Henry Doorley Zoo, the best zoo in the USA. Of course, it rained a pleasant pace the whole time we were there. Even so, we enjoyed our free visit and bus ride.

Henry Doorly Zoo Map

Our Three Montclair Center Employee Organizers
The first place we all went was the Desert Dome, itself an Omaha landmark. We saw plants and animals from three different deserts. The southern African Namib, the Australian Red Center, and the American southwest Sonoran Desert. 


The Peccary will not win any beauty prize, but they were available for photos. Many animals were hiding, camouflaged, or too boring to photograph.

Leaving the desert, I went below ground to the Kingdoms of the Night. A very different exhibit about animals living without light in caves and below ground. A whole other world.

Next, I went to the Lied Jungle exhibit. Very humid and more photogenic than either the desert or the dark. 


Jungle Selfie 

After the jungle, I went for lunch, taking a few photos outside as I went. When I got to the Treetops Restaurant I realized there was an inside hall I could have taken to get there from the jungle. (Doh, but I would have missed these photos if I walked the hall.) 

Treetops Restaurant With Rainforest View

After lunch, I walked to the Butterfly and Insect Exhibits, then to the water loving animals. The Scott Aquarium has everything from Artic penguins to warm water fish in beautiful, unique displays.

Penguins On Ice

Here's Nemo

With an hour before I was to meet the bus I walked to the enclosures for the giraffes and the newly acquired elephants. The giraffes were inside because their outside home is being rebuilt. The six new elephants were inside to help them acclimate to their surroundings, after transferring from Africa. Both will soon be in the African Grasslands exhibit when it is done.

African Grasslands Construction


And no zoo trip would be complete without passing through the gift shop to hunt for possible personal trophies or gifts. 

A day's worth of fun even with the rain.