Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My Life Reboot

Since turning 70, I've become interested in what it takes to age actively, purposefully. 

Making my elder years the best years is taking effort. I've had to restart or reboot my life again, as do many others after retiring or losing a long-time partner. 

But, how do you become whole and happy without being self-important?

Richard J. Leider coauthor of the inspiring book Life Reimagined, believes having a purpose is key to vibrant aging. “Without ... purpose, you grow old" at any age. 

What do you do if you feel purposeless? How do you find one? The purpose anyone can use is “growing and giving”. Something most of us have done naturally all our lives.

The dramatic, sudden shift in my life means I now consciously think and plan ways to grow or give. This blog was my first effort. Even though it is a virtual connection, I've learned from keeping it. Walking and taking Tai Chi are new physical efforts I enjoy.
I've also reconnected with friends, family, and prior loved hobbies. Without these activities, I would be so bored. I am renewed each time I share an adventure or what I've learned.

My newest endeavor will soon be calligraphy and illumination classes. I've taught a few single classes, but this will be monthly planned art techniques for regular (hopefully) attendees. Scary, but I'm also electrically enlivened by even scheduling them.

I have a renewed, expanded passion. A chance I am taking in my re-imagined life. I don't know if I will be successful. If people will return or even enjoy them. I am looking forward to the challenges from a long-loved skill and reducing my brain's junk-food.