Sunday, December 13, 2015

Shopping and Merriment at Kris Kinder

Merchants in the Great Hall.
I went to Kris Kinder the yearly winter holiday shopping extravaganza for Calontir's pre-1700s reenactors in Midwest, USA. It's always bursting with quality handcrafted toys, attire, jewelry, camp gear, edibles, weapons, and armor tempting money out of 600 attendees' pockets. Yesterday, I was one who was lured by its enticements. 

Norse-age women showing off their spunky holiday hats.
Kris Kinder readily offers you more than shopping. (Great! Because I always wish I had more to spend.) There are enticing classes, award-making meetings, food, and story-telling. (Sorry, no photos to show.) Through all this, there is time for fun, friendship, and connections. 

The finale is an assembly or court. It mingles serious accolades, compelling announcements, and cockeyed buffoonery.

While court ends the day's formal activities, with many (including me) traveling long distances home. Others go to a private, closer home for a post-event-revel. There they sing Calontir traditional folk-style songs, tell bardic stories, exchange beverage and party on through the night.

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