Thursday, June 30, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Blake Genealogy

This solemn picture shows my Mother's family. Judging from the young boy's appearance, it was probably taken in the late 1890s.

John Henry Blake, the oldest gentleman pictured, was her grandfather. He recorded the first deed in Johnson County, Kansas and Blake Street is named after him.

According to the book Increase Blake of  Boston His Ancestors and Decedents, John Henry Blake was born to Dr. Ellis Gray and Elizabeth (Leachman) Blake. December 17, 1831. (I have no idea why he wasn't named John Henry Gray).

He died at home December 1, 1910, in Kansas City, Missouri, from indigestion. You can read about it as the Olathe Mirror wrote about it at the time.

He married Lucretia Almira Hale February 20, 1862, who was born June 23, 1843. She is pictured on the photo's left side at the same level as her husband.

John Henry's mother died when he was an infant and he was then cared for by his uncle John Leachman and his grandmother Lucretia Hale. They moved to a farm in Bolivar, Missouri in 1839. In 1857 John Henry moved to Johnson County and was appointed county clerk and recorder of deeds.

In 1859 he moved to Olathe, Kansas where he was a business man, county treasurer, and cashier of Peoples Savings Bank.

He and his family moved to Kansas City in 1898.

Their oldest child was Ellen Leachman Blake. She's the one in the middle with the small funky bun and dark circles around her eyes. She was born January 8, 1863. She married Harry Scott Bryan April 19, 1892. They had no children.

Charles Ellis Blake, my mother's father, was born April 27, 1865. He's the one with the comely mustache on the top row farthest to the right. He married Susan Everman Browning April 27, 1892. (Good way to never forget your anniversary.) 

Charley became a sheet-metal worker and owned Blake Sheet Metal Works from 1894 to 1945 when he retired. That is now in the Westport shopping area of Kansas City, Missouri.

They had five children, who I knew and loved as my close Aunts and Uncles.

The tall man in the top row above John Henry Blake is his son John Littleton. He was born June 22, 1870. He married Mallie F. Curry August 19, 1899. They had no children.

Kate Belle is the young woman to the right of the white haired man. She was born November 20, 1872.

Lotta Raymond (m. Burris) is on the photo's right side. She was born March 25, 1875. She was a widow and seamstress. When I was young she owned a lovely large home in Westport, then part of Kansas City, Missouri. It had been divided into a duplex. Plus my Aunt Lotty rented a room out in her duplex half to (horrors) a man.

Thomas Henry, the albino, was born October 1, 1880. He owned a cabin in Missouri I often heard about as a child. For some reason, until I was in highschool I thought a book had been written about it because the family often talked about "Uncle Tom's cabin".

Frederick Foote, born May 20, 1886, is the child on the bottom row. He was kicked at a young age by a horse and then had a metal plate put in his head. Because of that he sometimes had seizures.

As a child, I knew several of these Victorian appearing people. As my Mother was born late to Charles Ellis and I was born late in her life, to me they seemed old, distant and scary. 

Most are buried in Olathe Memorial Cemetary.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Article Review: Starting and Maintaining A Scribes Guild

As I am planning things for the coming scribal classes, I found an excellent handout about starting and maintaining a scribes' guild. While my intent for our classes was to continue on from the information provided at the recent Barony's scribal introduction class, not to form a guild, the information in Hillary Rose Greenslade's article is relevant and helpful. 

She includes topics that are organizational, financial, and resourceful. Written for use in the SCA, its concepts could apply to any start-up art group supported by a broader organization, such as a church or community center. Her article cheerfully guides you through all operational stages and could serve as an entry guild leader job description.

If you are reading my blog and want to start a local scribal group, within or without the SCA, Hillary's article is just what you want to read.

Be sure to check my Scribal Resources Page for recent additions.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Throwback Thursday: SCA And List-field Computer Tracking

This picture was taken about 1990 and shows the creative computer use to track the fighting list results.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Calligraphy and Illumination Classes Coming Soon

Students at May's Lonely Tower scribal gathering suggested we have regular calligraphy and illumination classes. This coming July 24th I will host the first one. 

While reservations are not needed responding to the event notice on Facebook would help planning. I can easily seat 12 without adding extra tables. Beyond that I'll have to add tables.

This is not a gathering and social to paint Calontir's award preprints for the coming reign and none will be provided. It will be a monthly hands-on class that will continue as long as there's interest.

Please, bring your own supplies, although a limited amount will be available for those that have none.

I look forward to seeing you then.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Lilies War XXX Photo Array

Calontir's Lilies War is XXX. I spent five of its ten days enjoying wondrous sights and adventures. Sadly I could not do them all. Not in the day's numbers nor the picture possibilities. I missed opportunities. Even so - even with the sweltering heat - I had the best of times.

Arriving late I set up my camp then attended a birthday party for my local group, the Barony of the Lonely Tower. It was also 30.

Cakes, Kegs and Cookies. 

Her Excellency Gulia, and two former Baroness, cut the cakes we all shared.

Calontir's Royal Highness, Logan and Ylva, attended with pleasure. 

Baronial stories were shared and lineage history told.

That was Sunday June 12, 2016.


Monday morning - I love mornings - I took a few pictures as I walked about camp.

My campsite has modern tents, but my immediate neighbor is the Barony of Mag Mor. They have this sun shade for all its members and friends. And their cooking adds joy and welcome to the air.

Campsites along Smithville Lake.

A peak here and then below a view of a medieval style camp home.

My walk around camp, besides taking pictures, was for my morning coffee at Odyssey Coffee. I do this each morning for the conversations, philosophy and cheer exchanged by Dave and his guests. This time I learned about his Toadstead Project. Oh, and his coffee and slushies are also the best. 

Campsites in the trees. Forgotten Sea is the Barony in Calontir's center.

More campsites in the trees, where I wish mine was. Campsites are taken in the same place each year and mine was not claimed early enough to have space there.


Throughout the day Tuesday, I took pictures with my phone. You never know what you will find, including this gnome.

Archery. I could take pictures each day, all day of archery shoots. Calontir's archers are many and accomplished.

The Tailor's Tent. Each Lilies clothing is made by hand on site during the event and given to Their Majesties. A week long project with many giving an hour or days to sewing and chatting.

A Dying Art is a fiber vendor from the Lonely Tower (Omaha, NE) area. This t-shirt, designed by her husband, shows the Calontir cross symbol with Norse style falcons for petals. I had to have one.

And we're walking...


Wednesday at Lilies War would have moonlight madness shopping. Today I scanned vendors to see in the daylight if there was anything I couldn't live without after dusk.

Other activities I viewed included the archers' potluck dinner.

More vendors. 


Walking, I stopped to watch some rapier combat.

Almost to my home, I found another well appointed medieval camp.


While I taught a class yesterday on illuminating geometric diaper patterns, today - Thursday - I took pictures around the general area where the R.U.S.H. classes are held.

The pottery tent.

In the tailor's tent, like I mentioned on Tuesday, other people are hand sewing new clothing for Their Majesties Matsu and Elena.

Commonly the dog powered Great Machine would be in this location. This year it is on its way to the SCA's 50-year birthday celebration. This hard worker and staff are here to keep things going.

A Bedouin tent.

And some have camp homes on wheels.

And walking through woods I found cheerful people avoiding the 108-degree heat index.

Returning to the R.U.S.H. area I saw a calligraphy class being given by my friend HL Astrid and conned them into allowing a picture.

This is the glass workers tent. Here people play with fire so be careful. There are so many in Calontir they have their own Glassworkers Guild.

And there are youth activities


After a rest break from the heat, I walked over to attend Grand Court. Their Majesties are kind and have a place for us in the trees' shade. With court beginning about 5:30, the sun is at a low angle.


This is some of the  complete clothing set made in the tailors' tent to be presented by the makers during court.

Couldn't resist this special someone.

Their Majesties Calontir surrounded by visiting dignitaries from other Knowne World Kingdoms, some on their way to the 50th celebration.

If you want to know more about awards and activities that happened during court please consult the Falcon Banner, Calontir's electronic newsletter.

After court, there are evening activities, and I find more rapier combat. 

The Ladies of the Rose, Known World's former Queens, sponsored a tournament. This is the one photo worth showing. 

The Lilies Ball was next door. Musicians don't move as fast as dancers, so I have a fair photo of them playing music.

Now, back to my camp and bed. 

Tomorrow I finish packing and return home with many memories. I already have plans for my Lilies War trip next year. Hopefully cooler and just maybe ...  I'll stay the whole ten days.