Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Blog Writing Quest

Because I was over-organizing, over-planning, and over-thinking Lonely Tower's C and I start-up class my recent blog posts seem lack-luster to me. What can I say here that hasn't already been said by swarming others? 

I write about my monotone retirement life trying to infuse my posts with wonder and energy. Some posts succeed like "My Unforgettable Magic Moment" post. Even though its pictures are not mine, because the happening tingled my nerves then my feelings about it today remain intense. An easy thing to write. It's difficult to do when life is plodding or focused elsewhere.

I also want my posts to be interesting on more levels than the SCA. The SCA is an amorphous, multifaceted collection of hobbies that can overflow one's life with activities and friends. It isn't all there is to life. 

One curiosity at my niche's edge is writing to improve my blogging. Earlier I wrote about the "Bang-up Book 'On Writing Well'". Recently I found a silly book collection that is a fun style-example. A frivolous light adventure series that makes me laugh and wonder at the word selections. I have a swipe file for its best phrases and ideas. It's the Kindle series "The Misadventures of the Laundry Hag" by Jennifer L. Hart.

Time will tell if my writing improves. I think my SCA handouts have. They are less wordy. Fewer wimpy adjectives like most and some. Fewer connecting prepositions. 

Blogging is different than report writing. Posts vary in subject and tone so writing style varies. It's out of my comfort zone, too. 

Reading about writing and finding fresh writers with style I admire are steps in my writing quest. Silly books like the Laundry Hag series is part of the journey. I hope you enjoy the quest too.

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