Sunday, August 28, 2016

12 Signs You Might Be A Rabid SCA Scribe

Looking for ways to punch up my workshop presentation I discovered the tell-tale signs you have when you truly know you are an SCA scribe. I know I have shown several of these.

You might be a rabid SCA scribe when...

  • The highlights in your hair are from your gouache, not the Clairol bottle.
  • You know the exact green shade you see in the lichen on the tree.
  • You're late for a meeting because you suddenly knew exactly what detail you needed to add on your latest scroll. And HAD to paint it before you left.
  • You chose to buy that new Sable Number 20/0 Round brush instead of a Starbucks' Venti Nutella Cappuccino.
  • Viewing a sunset, you think in terms of cadmium yellow (light hue), tinted azure, and vermillion hue strokes.
  • Your cell phone always shows Ultramarine blue gouache fingerprints.
  • Sleeping at night, you consider how the shadows of your hanging wrinkled clothes should be painted.
  • You sometimes use your coffee to rinse your brushes.
  • Your friends drop in unexpectedly and you explain the cluttered house saying, "It's a work-in-progress".
  • You buy vellum instead of food.
  • You view your friend's face and wonder what it would look like painted as in the Luttrell Psalter.
  • And at night when you stop painting, you realize you have just two hours before you have to get up for work.
Thanks for sharing similar on your Marion Boddy-Evans art post.

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