Tuesday, August 9, 2016

More Reconnections

A few days ago I went to the Old Market again. 

That is always a chance for pictures.

I never know where they will pop up.

The reason for this Sunday walk and lunch at Wheatfields was to meet with good friends and visitors from Wisconson. 

When I lived in Germany John and Cerona were upstairs neighbors. John has the beard and Cerona is on his left, almost hidden. They were in Omaha for two events. John for a reunion and Cerona for a bridge tournament. 

It was great they made time for us. We talked about Germany, everyone's health and family happenings. 

This has been quite a reconnecting year for me. This visit with John and Cerona, Gillian and Arnoud from Montgomery, Tom and Carina in Kansas City and my trip to visit my brother Gene and his family in Minneapolis. Heartfelt connections all around.

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