Sunday, March 12, 2017

10 Top Calligraphy And Illumination Artists

Have you thought about becoming a C and I artist? I have. Calligraphy and illumination arts aren't dusty ancient skills Medieval monks used to make religious tomes. They are used by many today to create art. 

Here are ten people who modernly use calligraphy and illumination to create art and make a living. People who prove it is possible to do something you love and be paid for it. 
  • Nancy Hulan sells her award winning book arts at Renaissance Faires and her Etsy shop. Her work inspires me and give me courage to expand my interests.

You may also enjoy the Medieval and Renaissance style vector graphics art created at AlfredoM's Graphic Arts Studio. They are lovely Medieval style art, but created by a different method than calligraphy and illumination.

I enjoyed finding these current calligraphy and illumination artist while creating this list. Their talents, both artistic and entrepreneurial, are amazing. 

They each started down their artistic path then took a turn and drove to a whole different level. It takes effort, skill, and determination, but look at their accomplishments. The place to start is in your hands; a way to use your talents. 

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