Sunday, October 29, 2017

SCA Curiosity And The Internet Medieval Sourcebook

I've been hunting down my favorite online medieval sources. Some time since I composed my last text the Internet Medieval Sourcebook received a new look. In fact the whole Internet History Sourcebooks Project (IHSP) has been updated. It's new and improved.

As someone in the SCA, if you haven't found the IHSP yet you are missing out on heaven. The IHSP is a website with troves of ancient, medieval and modern primary source documents. It also has links to maps, secondary sources, bibliographies, images, and music. It was created in 1996 as a textbook alternative.

The IHSP is located at the Fordham University History Department and Center for Medieval Studies. Its editor is Paul Halsall, and Jerome S. Arkenberg is the contributing editor. The IHSP is a collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts presented without advertising. 

Internet History Sourcebooks Project is a humongous collection requiring constant updating. In addition to the large individual collections of the Medieval, Ancient, and Modern Sourcebooks, the IHSP also includes separate Sourcebooks on African, ByzantineEast Asian, Global cultural interaction, Indian, Islamic, Jewish, LGBT, Science, and Women's History.

While many sources would help if you were doing persona research I particularly like ancient or medieval legal sources for writing scroll text. The great thing about the revised format is the search box found in the upper right corner. Through it, I found specific useful search entries: charters, patents, Burgundy, scribe.

Additionally, the IHSP include a Brief Citation Guide. This is a great help if you plan to enter a Calontir Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition.

Can you tell how much I love the IHSP, particularly the Medieval Sourcebook. Now to find what I started out to search.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Vertigo Photo Array

I don't often get to go to an SCA event two weekends in a row, but recently I did. The weekend after Calontir's Crown Tournament I went to Vertigo.

Vertigo is a yearly Shire of Lost Moor weekend camping event offering classes, many relating to fiber. It got its name because a person with vertigo has the symptoms of spinning and weaving sometimes leading to dying. Fiber artists do a lot of spinning, weaving and dying, but with yarn.

I'm not a fiber goob, but I like the event. I took pictures instead of fiber classes.

HL Henry Kempe's Embroidery Display

Heraldry Consultation With M. Dorcas Whitecap 

The Arts and Sciences Classes Room

A Fiber Class

Dealing with Carding

A Selfie Proving I Attended

Giraude Benet's Waxed Linen Class
My Waxed Linen Mug Cover

HL Henry Percival Kempe
Teaching Bayeux Style Embroidery

Cut and Thrust Fighting

Her Highness' Gathering

Vigil Activities

Cool Tent Decorations For A Vigil

 David ben Benjamin Swearing Fealty At His Laureling

M. Dov With His Hebrew Lettered Laurel Scroll

More vigil activities, because there were three peerage ceremonies that day.

Another Well Decorated Pavilion

Kids Just Wana Have Fun

Vilhelm Lich's Peerage

M. Vilhelm's Pelican Award

Tola Rufusdottir called from the kitchen to receive a Cross of Calontir.

Their Highnesses Ashir and Ashland

Kristine nic Tallieur's elevation was easy to photography because of my location. 

I wish I'd been that close for Dov's. 

My View From The Floor

The Audience

M. Conna Telling Kristine
What It Means To Be A Laurel

M. Kristine Swearing Fealty
To Their Majesties Damien and Issabell
After Receiving Her Laurel Cote

M. Kristine's Laurel Scroll 
Done In Common Period Dimensions

After court, the Shire of Lost Moor provided a feast, partly cooked by HL Tola. As usual, I returned home. But first I had to get stuck on a hill in raining wet grass. One nice gentle tried to help push me out, but it didn't work. Luckily the next car's owner came to retrieve it allowing me to back up and go around another car. That worked.

From set-up, archery, armored combat, cut and thrust fighting, meals, arts and sciences classes to site clean up and equipment storage Lost Moor gave everyone a grand, fun, pageant filled time. 

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Sunday, October 22, 2017

HL Zaneta's Calon Cross Scroll

Project Title:
Calon Cross Scroll for Zaneta Baseggio
Project Date:
October 14, 2017/Crown Tournament
Text by:
HL Saito Takauji
Inspiration for Text:

‘The Prince’ by Machiavelli, James 3:13, and the structures of the Venetian government.  La Serenissima Regina means ‘most serene Queen’. The mazor consegio was a self-nominating legislative body, and that works as an analogue for the self nominating Cross. The collegio were yet another government body, which works as an equivalent to the College of Heralds in name and function.
Translation by:

Jehanne Bening
Jehanne Bening
external 11 x 14 inches
Notable Techniques:

Italic from David Harris' book
Mitchell 6 dip pen
Zig Sumi Ink 60
Inspiring Manuscripts:
Other notes:
Finetec gold, some over black gouache, first time I did Italic script.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Calontir's 2017 Fall Crown Tournament Photos

Saturday I went to Calontir's 2017 Fall Crown Tournament event. These are the photographs I took. I missed photo ops but this is about the beauty and fun that I and my friends have and create in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

The lineup waiting to process in to Crown Tournament.

The combat.


Heraldic arms tell us who's fighting 
and who's up next.

The brackets filled out 
for the 2017 Calontir Crown Tourney
double elimination competition.

Duke Ashir and Countess Ashland invested 
as heirs  to the Calontir thrones.

To enter Crown Tourney each person had to enter 
the Arts and Science competition as well.

Some A & S entries.

The new heirs artisan entries.

The Glassworkers' Guild held a silent auction,
staffed by M. Roise and shopped by HL Astrid.

The cutest SCAdian present.

Mistress Sorcha took an apprentice.

Fun times created by bored Calontiri, 
Sir Semjaka and Sir Xerxis.

Heather was called into Court 
by Their Majesties Damien and Issabell

HRM Issabell welcomed Heather
 into her  Order of the Queen's Chalice

Heather's Mom was more excited than Heather,
 who took the attention calmly.

Sir Killian O’Connaill and 
Mistress Rebecca Beaumont
win the Arts and Sciences competition.

Konstantia Kaloethina 
was made a Court Baroness.

HL Zaneta receiving 
the Calon Cross scroll I created.

You can't see her face 
but this is Lonely Tower's Baroness Giulia
 giving notice she wants to step aside.

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Crown Tournament Court Summary October 6, 2017