Sunday, January 14, 2018

Jump Starting 2018: Lonely Tower's 12th Night Event Photos

12th Night, a way to jump start the new year. As always you'll find diverse regaling activities.  Here are your event photos showing them from gate to feast and in between.  

Early gate check-in.

Morning court, showing Baroness Giulia Isabella de Venezia 
pictured to the right of Their Majesties in Lonely Tower's chairs. 

Aleit de la Thomme and Augustin le Blinde enter court,
 to accept the Baronial mantel.

M. Tatjana Nikonovna waiting for lunch at the inn.

Mistresses Roise ni' Ullachain and
Honoree de Saussay cook and serve lunch.

Council Bluff's The Center is the venue the Barony of the Lonely Tower has been using for events. You might find the site a tight fit, even though we use every room, office, nick and cranny. We'd use the swimming pool if we could. We are thankful for their generous help and affordable price.

Final preparations for evening court.

M. Gyða glóra and HL Galla Zandra
Judging a 14th century costume entry.

And some SCA precious fairy tale children.

Occasional Visitors

Calontir Steel Fighting and Photography

Court Hall / Commons

Sword and Shield Competition

With Their Highnesses stepping up next weekend,
Calontir's scribes are busy painting awards.

The winter stoat with its owner
HL Nickolai Kolpachnik


M. Dorcas Whitecap with her well disguised heraldic laptop.

Waiting to speak with the peerage candidate.

Gwen Verr Heugh in her so recently finished
lovely green cut velvet.

Still waiting. Enjoying the visit.

Evening court held wonders for friends and photography.

B. Augustin and Aleit at Evening Court

First the Baronial Court

Longtime Friends

Maegwynn Attewode welcomed to
Calontir's Order of the Calon Lily.

Peers, mostly knights, waiting to enter court.

Bjarm Rorikson's procession into court.

Bjarm stands before Their Majesties a Knight of the Realm.

And a few pictures of the delicious and plentiful feast.

Head table at feast.

The Barony of Mag Mor's choir
painting musical tones on the air.

So much to photograph for you and to share. But there's more than I can ever show. The friends and close friendships formed over 25 years.

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