Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Easy Does It: SCA Scroll Creation Post Round Up

New Year's Eve I spent time considering what I wanted to do with this blog. One goal is to be more organized and focused on my post topics. That should make the topics easier for you to follow. 

Scribal Art Collection Display
To begin, I ferreted out my prior instructional posts. Previously they related to a project or class I was doing. That's why the topics seemed erratically ordered. 

Here are the prior posts I've written about scroll creation.Though I didn't plan it, after I put the links in a logical order they made a table of contents.

You'll notice they aren't a complete set, if that is even possible. 

In the future, I plan to fill in topic gaps including posts about using a t-square to draw lines, geometric diaper patterns, and more on scribal materials. 

If you want me to include a topic or have a question you may suggest it in the comments section below. Or email me at sgordon9(at)cox(dot)net

I love sharing scribal information and two directions are double the fun.

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