Sunday, March 25, 2018

Product Links Philosophy

Hello and
You may have wondered if my links to products provide me income. The short answer is "no". 

I include links to products for your convenience. One source you may use to find more about it or to buy it. At the time you read my post they may not even be the cheapest or best place to buy it.

Blogging does offer an affiliate marketing possibility. Income from each sale I make. An opportunity to earn a commission promoting products for others to you, my readers. 

That's wonderful, but not my mission. The reason I blog here is to help, inform, or entertain those interested in the SCA or things scribal. 

Therefore I don't link to the same source(s) for products. For commonly found items I may use an Amazon, Joann, or Michaels link. Once in a while, I use Hobby Lobby. For more specific items I often, but not always, use John Neal Bookseller, Dick Blick or Paper & Ink Arts. Sometimes I even use a general Google search link or a very specific link for something like vellum. 

By focusing on your interests I avoid the hassle of managing multiple affiliate programs. I personally receive more. More interaction and connection with you.  I see it as a win-win for us both.

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