Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Tip To Seeing Like An Artist

See the details?
Have you been asking yourself when painting a preprint or charter why experienced scribes put the shadows where they do? Why the whitework goes where it does? Or how you transform what you see to the page? Here's an idea for you to try.

Before the huge number of illuminations on the internet, I would hunt down books that had enlarged the small pictures of illuminations. Today it's easy to do the same thing yourself with online images. 

Find a high-resolution digital illumination picture you like and zoom-in. Enlarge and expand them dramatically. Save them or print them out. Then take your time and study their strokes and details. Try to recreate them. 

On Pinterest, I have a few boards that may help you with this. 
I have confidence you'll figure things out. The more illuminations you peruse and pore over the strokes the easier it becomes. It's all about you recreating tiny details.

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