Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Lonely Tower Shows Off Their Crafts And Skills

Demos are a common activity you find in the SCA. They educate the public about life in the Middle Ages, show off our crafts and skills, and help us find recruits. 

Today the Barony of the Lonely Tower put on a demonstration at the University of Nebraska-OmahaThe university's Medieval and Renaissance Studies Department promoted it, calling it "Encountering the Past: Costumes, Crafts & Combats". It was scheduled from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM on the first semi-warm day we'd had in weeks.

With the chosen "lunch" time we had a good turn out. Pesky day jobs do conflict. A dozen members garbed and brought their gear. They also brought their special interest creations to display.

Lord Miklos brought embroidered
bags and information.

Lord William brought painted
wooden game boards.

Lady Batilda showed off
her new loom.

Honorable Lady Cristina cooked beef
and other items for tasters.

M'lord Roger displayed his
archery gear and long bow.

A block away the fighters
had a huge field for practice.

M. Nesscia captured the
 fighting demo and viewers.

Lady Zafar and I combined our
scribal period materials to display.

The day's weather improved and the college students brightened our conversations. About a dozen UNO students signed up for future contact and more information. Plus we talked SCA projects and fighting. You can't ask for a more beneficial three hours.

Kingdom handbooks containing demo information:

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