Sunday, August 12, 2018

Testing - Which Gouache Brand Rewets Best?

I often read James Gurney's blog the Gurney Journey. Gurney is the Dinotopia guy. His art is amazing and his posts inspiring. 

Recently, I found a post of his I think you'll find interesting. Some gouache tests his associate Cathy Gura ran comparing gouache brands rewetting behaviors. She also compared their consistency and of all things their smell.

I was intrigued because Cathy did these with gouache straight out of the tube. 

As an illustrator, Cathy likes working with gouache directly from the tube which is how we work. Considering gouache's cost she likes the results Winsor and Newton's gouache provides. And how it dries shinier than others without adding glycerine or gum Arabic. 

Who would have known or even wondered if some gouache brands are better at reconstitution than others? Leave it to a professional. 

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