Friday, August 14, 2020

A New Path Ahead

Is this thing working? I think it is. I haven’t used this blog in over a year because I moved my scribal posts to An Itinerant Scribe

I miss writing and hooking up with you so I want to change this and take a fresh path. A senior living blog. A grayer blog. Not because you’re elderly, but because I am. 

I’m eager to create a blog with a friendlier style. It will take effort and time altering the format, deleting pages, and eliminating all prior contents. It's worth the process.

Blogging now belongs to my generation. A place we share our ponderings from down-sizing steps, elder trend settings, artistic creations, or dandelion fluff. And Create Me 365 is the perfect place. 

I don’t know why I didn’t realize this earlier. Now I see topics everywhere. In books and podcasts I hear, walks with my dog, or places I shop. The writing will be a new adventure.

So let's give a toast to what happens here next. And as they say, “Watch this space.”

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