Wednesday, September 30, 2020

First Mindful Photo-Walk

After last week’s photo walk with Pippa, I found an interesting mindful photography blog post on Sixty and Me. As you know mindfulness is about being fully present at the moment. That’s also true about photography. Even a selfie takes intent and careful aim to look your best. 

So I did a small experiment. I went back to the same walkway just to take pictures. My plan was to study what I was about to photograph before I clicked the pic. 

After the first two photos, I saw a yellow theme emerging among the fading green fall leaves. It wasn’t the elements I noticed first. My eye found the color first wherever I looked. 

Looking at my photos now, some are unappealing. Their style wasn't my intent. The purpose was to raise my awareness and enjoy what I shot. To notice the special things that bring me pleasure and record them. But I learned something. If you don't prejudge a view for its beauty, looking at the photo later it may seem unpleasant. 

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