Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Pippa Finds Gold

Pippa and Inka
You know my dog, Pippa? The Cairn Terrier. 
She isn't just a dog. She's my mentor and confidant.

The other day we did our neighborhood walk again. Sniffing around, she grabbed something white from the tall grass. I bent down to take it from her. She clamped onto it and wouldn't let me have it. With effort, I determined it was a roasted chicken breast. Probably boneless. It didn't even feel rotten. I gave up trying and let her have it. She carried her prize with her head held high for the rest of our walk. And didn't stop for the next five blocks. At home, she ate her find with great joy.

The older Pippa and I get, the more I realize she's my trainer as much as I am hers. I'm decisive, but nothing like her. She has distinct requirements.

Know quality when you see it. Unearthing her prize, she made several snap choices. Does it pass the smell test? Can I use it? Do I want it? In no time she knew she had struck gold. 

Don't give up when you find what you desire. Clench your treasure in your teeth if you must, but hold on with all your strength.

Take pride in your discoveries. Raise your head high, even show off a little. Wasn't that cool? Look what I did. The things you do for yourself are important.

Enjoy your discovery to the max. You uncovered it. You deserve it.

It's a beautiful thing to be mindful of each moment, like Pippa. To have a strong sense of what you want, how valuable it is, and what you plan to do with it.

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