Wednesday, November 18, 2020

My Low Salt Detached Life

Life feels uncertain, doesn’t it? COVID-19 is real and news updates every day. The numbers are climbing sharply. School closures, job losses, and social distancing. There's so much to arrange. 

Where I live, we are not in absolute quarantine. But I am serious about social distancing and mask-wearing by choice. I have been careful ever since this began in March 2020. I stay home, except for medical appointments, necessary shopping, and occasionally driving grandkids to school. I don't dine in restaurants, go to events, or hang out with people. 

Does it feel weird? Am I bored? Yes, especially as other people go on with life as they lived last year. 

Instead of my normal group activities, I go for walks, listen to audiobooks, watch TV and Netflix, play with my dogs Pippa and Inka, and write to you. That's it for the future. My goal is to be around in a year to enjoy my family and friends again. To be healthy enough to take more Road Scholar tours and do SCA reenactments again.

One thing is undeniable, you need to eat. Food connects you to the actual world, not some vague probability. We each live with our own situations. My reality includes dining alone, cooking for one, and watching my sodium intake

At the grocery store today, I spent half my time reading labels. Until I learn the foods matching my reality, it will be that way. 

Previously I bought several low salt canned soups to try. I gave my emergency stash to a neighbor's church pantry. With the pandemic numbers rising, I stocked up with more, even though I haven't tried them all yet. I hope they're palatable. If they're ok, I can enhance their saltless taste with some potassium-based NoSalt.  

I eat most of my protein at a drive-thru lunch, so I bought a small Mediterranean party platter with veggies, pita chips, and a dip. It lasted for three dinners. The salt per serving is tolerable. Thankfully, I'm not on a no-sodium diet. I just need to control the salt

This is how my freezer looks until I empty the boxes out. I bought enough today to last for two weeks. The fewer times I shop, the safer it is. Birds Eye steamed vegetables. Eggo waffles. A few Healthy Choice bowls to give me a dining-out adventure without going to a restaurant. Yasso Chocolate yogurt bars provide both milk and fun. And my favorite dessert is Outshine dark chocolate dipped raspberry puree bars. 

My pantry is a repurposed closet. It mostly holds excess from my kitchen cabinet. Low salt soups, prepackaged tuna/chicken salad kits, and sanitizing supplies.

I’m not an expert. Not even on TV. Anything I write, it’s just me sharing my ideas and experiences. I write this post hoping to connect with others in a similar circumstance. We can learn from each other.

What is happening in your life relating to COVID-19?

What changes are you making? 

Things might be different each day, but I look forward to sharing with you in good times and the peculiar times. 

Take care out there!  

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