Monday, November 9, 2020

Tears For America

I’ve never cried over an election, but I did this time. The minute I heard Biden-Harris exceeded 270 electoral votes, I shed joyful tears. My heart burst with gratitude, pride, and hope. Four years of stress unleashed. 

During the pandemic, Americans voted in record numbers. Their combined choices elected Joe Biden and rescued the USA. But 70 million people voted for Trump. An administration filled with corruption, incompetence, and uncontrolled pandemic. 

In his remaining days as president, Trump will disrupt the government. Calling for unnecessary recounts is already encouraging his administration to not comply with the transition of power. In revenge, he could do more. He could fire quality individuals like Dr. Fauci. Pardon miscreants like he did Joe Arpaio. (Remember him?) And issue harmful Executive Orders. 

I don’t wish my life away. But January 20th can’t come fast enough. America will again have competent leaders to face its challenges. 
  • once-in-a-century pandemic
  • unbalanced economic disaster
  • growing climate crisis
  • racial justice reckoning 
  • a divided country
But there’s more to appreciate than leadership. I look forward to role models in the White House we can share with our kids. People who read books and papers, love pets, and enjoy music, humor, and honesty. It feels good once again to write “I’m an American” and be proud.

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