Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Titan Football Warrior

Grandkids present memorable moments. Watching Ben learn life through sports is a continual thrill, even when I don’t understand the sport. He puts tremendous effort into football, his favorite activity. And loves the rush of being in the zone. He's a great team player. 

Sunday was his football championship game. After making it through their playoffs, the Titans competed for the title. They battled the biggest guys I’ve seen in youth sports. They played their best, but the win was not for them. 

After the game, the league presented the 2020 season’s trophies. The Titans received Second Place. An admirable accomplishment. Ben of course wanted them to receive first. What Ben doesn’t realize is he earned rewards all year long. Self-discovered things about himself, team playing, and sports.

Grandmas go to games and sit on hard backless benches to share the gains their grandkid makes. First place enjoyable moments are fun but don’t last long. The joy is watching them take on ever-challenging opponents. That's what I enjoy watching Ben learn and thrive in football. I may not understand the game, but I see Ben's participation, progress and enjoyment.

It's not the first place pleasurable moment that is the best, although they're fun too. It's the pride in your grandchild's growth. 

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