Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Finding My Mojo

SCA Participation
I’ve lost my creative mojo. For years I searched for it and want it back. When you have mojo, your worldview is positive, optimistic, and hopeful. You’re energetic and motivated. I miss that spirit.

The reality is people lose their passion. How long you’re without it depends on the time you take to work out getting it back. I tried multiple activities, searching for renewed energy. 

Returning to my SCA roots, I took on a local office, organized a gathering of classes, and created a few award scrolls. I researched more about 15th century Bruges, embroidery, and historic homemaking skills. Each task performed with devotion minus enthusiasm. 
My Handsewn
Dotee Dolls

With modern crafts, I got inspired by projects. I bought the supplies, made one or three, and stopped. I tried needle felting, Dotee Doll making, beading, crocheting, mask sewing, journal painting, essential oil crafts, and more. My house is overflowing with their essential stores. 

Looking for broader topics in creative passion, I googled articles and read books. Although relevant and interesting, none were the answer.

In the meantime, I took Road Scholar tours to Philadelphia and St. Augustin, FL, checking items off my travel bucket list. The event’s lifelong learning style is amazing. You see history while eating scrumptious local gourmet foods and photographing scenic walks and ocean sites. I want more of them.

Puppy Inka

Now, stuck at home because of the pandemic, I realize there is a connection between all my crafts, travels, hobbies, and even my new puppy. It’s learning. 

Learning is why I love the SCA. Finding a persona, sewing t-tunics, recreating courtly graces, and commonplace crafts. All inspired me. After discovering manuscript illumination, I couldn’t wait to experience and experiment with each technique. Lost in painting the details, my time slipped away. 

Illumination held my passion the longest because it was a sequence of challenges. Each recreation pulled me forward, setting up my fire for the next test. It’s not the recent modern crafts I tried were boring, I just want to solve the next puzzle. This explains why activities lose my interest and I move on. 

Perhaps my mojo isn’t lost. What I enjoy is varied learning. I hope changing my thoughts will find my mojo and bring back energy, purpose and joy.

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