Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Why I Blog

Why blog? The simple truth, it’s something to do. But there’s more. Arranging and rearranging words clarify the partial notions in my head. It helps answer my many “why” and “what if” questions. 

A blogger is a unique writer. We spend hours composing notes, hoping google influences you to read them. What’s the point? What do I write about?

Before I retired as a Dental Hygienist, I spent years composing medical notes. And my SCA hobby encouraged this too. The challenge now is to loosen up my style. To change from a proper writing promenade to a light fandango. But it’s difficult to avoid the old school style, easier to yield to it.

I also write to interpret the curious impressions I notice. The elderly Belarus couple on their daily walk. The Ford truck flying political flags. The sidewalk surgical mask trash. Personal interests that touch me: crochet, pets, history, audiobooks, friends, and family. And striving to be a better blogger. 

Whether I crow or squawk, blogging lets me share information, opinions, and experiences I don’t want you to miss. Would you write something trivial to a friend? Plus I blog to keep my sanity, to stay happy. It's my personal battery charger. By writing, I feel helpful and if I’m honest, it lets me enjoy feeling clever. Plus
it’s fun.

I don’t wish to change your mind. I just love sharing my two cents or two dollars. But the biggest reason I blog is for you.

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