About Create Me 365

Hello there. 

I catch you're curious. Especially about hobbies and a scribal life. You want to connect with an artisan-ally, a hobby helpmate, a perpetual pupil. 

I'm here to connect with you, too. 

On Create Me 365 blog about my life-long learning trek and creative scribal hodgepodge. Friends, family, calligraphy and illumination, historical reenactment, and pets. These are what create and inspire me. I hope they will you as well.

Rambo                             Pippa 
As I am (thankfully) a retired dental hygienist with grandkids in school, and two crazy dogs at home. I have time to share explorations with you. Time to create and exchange ideas. 

You may also find me by my SCA name of Jehanne Bening. If you are curious look around the blog for more pictures and information about my favorite historical recreation group. 

I want to connect with you. Please,  comment on my posts and pictures. Share your discoveries and opinions. Your words matter.

Sue G

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