Arts & Sciences Presentation in the SCA

Over my 26 years in the SCA I've heard people lament documenting their authentic re-creation for a competition.

They show me their well-done, pre-1600 "what's it". Then ask me, "How can I show it off?"

Here's help, divided into two sections. The first doesn't require detailed writing. The second gives links to remove the scary from documentation.

Limited Writing Helps

Group Displays

No judges or prizes. Some ask for a small information card with your name, item's name, century and place. Easy labels.

display of multiple hand painted medieval-style pictures, embroidery, and glass
Artisan's Display 
I've shown my stuff in largess displays, later given for the Crown's use.

I've given them to fund raising auctions.

I've been part of Guild offerings.

I've organized displays of entrant's gifts received. Things they didn't make themselves. A "rat-on-your-friends" that don't enter competitions.

Discussion Groups

In Calontir it's an "artisan show-and-tell", like back in school. The maker talks about their creation, passing it around. I've seen some zesty discussions happen.

You can't find an artisans' show and tell. Lead one yourself.

Encourage comments, but keep discussion moving. Finish with your creation and a thanks for participation.

4 entries of hand made medieval style drinking vessels
Populace Choice Competition
Populace Choice Competitions

Similar to displays, but with a winner. Attendees pick the entry they prefer. The entry with the most tokens wins.

These ask for a card label. Some want more. The event notice will tell you. It will also give the competition theme, like "tree in any medium" or "drinking vessel".

Court Presentation

Everyone watching will see you give the King and Queen your creation. I've presented Their Majesties largess and gifts for themselves.

12th Night Or Birthday Presents

If you're giving your work to be seen, consider the recipient. How would they display or use it? Can they easily keep it with them?

2 women merchants behind their handmade pottery items
Handmade Pottery Merchant Display

Event Merchant

I've never merchanted. It takes organization, planning, storage and hauling. It may take having tables, chairs and shelves.

Still, many turn their craft into income. Sometimes on-line, too.

Kingdom Novice Competitions

Every year Calontir holds Queens Prize Tourney (QPT). My favorite competition, though I'm not a novice. While I can't enter, I love sponsoring.

This amazing event hosts upteen artisans and shows a huge craft variety.

To enter, you find a sponsor who helps you with anything, except hands-on making. 

I've helped with registration and documentation. Only the basic 3"x5" card stuff is required.

Documentation Helps

What can you do if you want to write documentation? How do you learn it or improve? Here are links to helps.

Documentation Links

Basic Documentation--This short article is in Calontir's Forgotten Sea's Clarion newsletter. It describes 3"5" card documentation. Exactly what Calontir's Queen's Prize and novice Tri-levels expect.

Advanced Documentation And Display
5Easy Steps to Writing Documentation--This excellent pdf has basic and ideal/detailed sections. Each includes five steps with examples.

A & S Documentation Made Simple--A two page pdf about documentation steps. I've judged many entries with documentation presented in this form.

Advanced Documentation--Another Forgotten Sea's Clarion newsletter documentation article. 

Kingdom of Atlantia Arts and Sciences Handbook includes three brief sections on documentation.

Kingdom Criteria 

As I come from the Kingdom of Calontir, I include this link to its Arts and Sciences Criteria. Learn what judges expect from you about your creation. 


I learn about my projects writing documentation. I connect to its time and place. Meld with people who would have used my recreation.

Documentation doesn't have to be scary. Knowing how to do it is just another learning experience.

Venture out. Take advantage of one help. Show your re-creation to the Knowne World.

I promise you the populace want to see your work.

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